Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Greenwich in the snow

I recently purchased a Canon S90 and have been playing about with it to put it through its paces a bit. I've never owned or used a Canon before but I really wanted a small, lightweight camera that I could chuck in my pocket and after lots of research, the S90 fitted the bill nicely (on paper). The fact that it has similar controls to an SLR (I can't be arsed to keep saying 'DSLR'- it's old hat and unnecessary now. How many people actually buy a 35mm SLR these days?), Aperture priority, shutter priority, full manual control, RAW etc was the decider. It was worth a punt.

Turns out to be a right little beauty! Luckily, the snow decided to hit us here in London today and whilst it's a pain, photographically it's a godsend. So I went of to Greenwich Park and took these. I mostly used the camera on scene setting (snow) just to see how it handled it. Overall, I thought it did very well all things considered. I put it in shutter speed mode for a few shots but mostly, Scene mode.

And yes, I did have one or two minor problems with the wheel at the back being a bit loose and moving when it shouldn't have (this is a common complaint on the S90 which has been rectified on the S95), but this was more due to my being unfamiliar with the camera and it just needed to be held slightly differently.

Post processing was done in CS3 and Lightroom 3.

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