Saturday, 18 December 2010

The weather here in the UK has gone mental again! Up to eight inches of snow fell in just a couple of hours here in the south of England. When it started, I had to go walkabout with my cameras but, what I didn't realize was just how hard and fast it was going to fall. At one point there was a virtual whiteout and I became very disoriented. I kept heading in what I hoped was the right direction and managed to find a main road. On reaching the road though, it was really eerie....all the traffic had come to a virtual halt. Cars were sliding into buses and people just got out of their cars wherever they were on the road, and, apart from the odd spinning of wheels, there was silence. Very strange.

I managed to take about 50 odd shots but the snow was settling on the cameras within seconds and I actually got worried about damaging them. I can't remember the snow ever falling like this and ferreting back through my memory banks certainly don't remember a winter as long and as harsh as this....

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  1. Ahh, these are so beautiful! There is a graphic quality to them that I just really like as they remind me of pencil drawings I did long ago. You're lucky to live in such a winterland even though the cold must make you think otherwise. Just outstanding images.