Monday, 9 May 2011


Yep! This is an HDR shot made from three exposures but this time around, I also 'blended' the shots together in CS3. What do I mean? Well, I ran the three shots through Photomatix Pro which gave me my tonemapped image but Photomatix doesn't always do a good job in leaving you with a pleasing image. Sometime the darks are still dark and the highlights blown or, sometimes it just doesn't 'feel' right. This was the case here.

It looked OK but I wanted a bit more from it, so, in CS3 I loaded up the three HDR exposures PLUS the tonemapped image that had been created in Photomatix and set about creating a different look. 

I liked the tonemapped image and, having looked at the original three images, decided to use the 0 EV and the tonemapped images.

In a nutshell this is what I did. I dragged the Tonemapped image on top of the 0 EV image. This gave me two layers, one on top of the other. I then got my eraser tool in CS3, dialled down the opacity to about 30% and then set about selectively erasing parts of the top layer to reveal those parts of  the underneath layer that I wanted to poke through.

I know it sounds a bit mysterious but, when I get a bit more time, I'll put together a full tutorial.


  1. Love this picture and what you did with it. The clarity and selective colors, the framing... yet another great image!

  2. Nice photo with this excellent article in London .