Sunday, 1 May 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

This scene bothered us a bit....

As we walked further into the woods we saw the little group of teddy bears propped up against some trees. No idea why they were there. I wondered if it was a shrine (as you do) but there was no evidence to support this cards, letters etc. 

We wondered if someone had 'forgotten' them but there was five (I cropped) and, with the the best will in the world you don't forget five teddy bears do you? They looked pretty new.

Then I wondered if some little girl had had a tea-party with her 'friend's but why did she leave them behind? I can only conclude that they were left for a reason. I wonder why?


  1. What a great story! They are very cute bears.

  2. These dummies are looks beautiful . These are better for little childs .