Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Remembering the old days in B&W

Many moons ago, I started out learning the fine art of Black & White photography. I love it. As fantastic as colour is, for me, B&W is the ultimate. Free from the distraction of colour, B&W lets you explore the rich tones and shades of light and dark and lets you really see the guts of an images. 

I spent many, many hours  hunched over trays of chemicals in my make shift darkroom (my bedroom with the windows blacked out) learning my craft  and, by trial and error, learned how to dodge and burn the light from my Durst C65 enlarger onto a sheet of 10x8 Ilford Gloss paper (grade 3 if I recall correctly).

For all the immense benefits digital brings, nothing will ever compare to seeing your photograph begin to form in a dish of just can't. Sadly, the likes of us are the last of a dying breed. A hybrid if you will. Photographers of my age group straddle the two genres...analogue and digital and, for the most part, do it well but, God I miss those days.

I've been experimenting with B&W more and more never quite being satisfied with the look I got but I think I'm getting to a point where I'm happier. Not satisfied. Not yet. But happier.

So, my next few posts will pay a kind of homage to my past, as I post a number of B&W's and toned images and fondly remember the old days. 


  1. I truly believe the talent was more when people used the reels and films...there was a personal touch to photography which probably is missing today. I liked the photo a lot, I am a fan of B&W photos as well :)

    I was surfing CPB and found your blog...

  2. Thanks Chintan. I agree with you when you talk about film. People had to think a bit more about what they were doing before they did it!

  3. Your post also remind my old memories . So thanks .