Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Night Photography - New York

I'm finding that the Canon s90 is doing more and more work for me these days, particularly for the 'grab' shots. It handles the light so well particularly when I shoot in RAW. Now, one or two of you may remember that I wasn't a big fan of RAW and couldn't see that it had much real advantage of JPEG. That was then....

I'm totally on board with RAW now as I can see the benefits of the latitude it affords when it comes to post-processing. 

Obviously with the a compact camera there are going to be 'noise' issues at the higher ISO's but I haven't yet gone beyond 400 ISO. It does produce what, for me, is noise but I've adapted my workflow in Photoshop by using Topaz DeNoise. I process the image to how I want it to be then I run DeNoise to 'smooth' out the noise then finish off with a light sharpen. Seems to work well enough for me and certainly good enough for the web.

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