Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Witchy Village ~ Burley

This chap was taking shelter from a sudden downpour in the tiny village of Burley in Hampshire. 

Witches, smuggling and dragons are also part of Burley's unique character. During the late 1950's a famous 'White' witch named Sybil Leek lived here. She was often seen walking around the village in a long, black cloak with her pet jackdaw resting on her shoulder. Unfortunately, because her attire fitted the image of a wicked 'black' witch, the locals were upset by her presence and she decided to live in America where she continued writing many books on the occult and astrology, including "Diary of a Witch". 

The place is full of little 'new age' gift shops and this one that had a thing for Betty Boop!

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