Sunday, 17 June 2012

Isle Of Grain Fort

Grain Tower Battery is located on Grain Spit, a mud flat at the east end of the Isle of Grain, opposite Sheerness Port. The Tower is accessible by a causeway at low tide but at high water it can only be reached by boat; there was originally a jetty alongside the causeway.
It was built in 1866 as part of the Chatham Defences to a design similar to that used for the Martello Towers some years earlier being almost circular in shape and with the gun platform on the roof. A chain linked the tower to Sheerness to stop vessels entering the Medway. It was modified in 1910 when the accomodation block was added in brick to the west side. It is now abandoned.
I decided to take a looky see but, in the best tradition of keeping it simple, didn't pack any boots so went ankle deep in mud (literally) to get this and a few of the following photo's. And the wind….don't get me started!


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